1. Please note that you are responsible for your ticket. The organizer will not be responsible for any lost or damaged of tickets. Two-days tickets must be used by the same person for both days, and could not be resold once used.
  2. Tickets do not include drinks. Please do not bring any food or drinks. We will ask all attendees to finish or discard their food upon entry. There are food and drinks vendors at the event venue.
  3. Ticket is only for a single entry. (NO RE-ENTRY ALLOWED)
  4. The organizer reserves the right to change the venue and the artists.
  5. Please be considerate of the environment. DO NOT LITTER!
  6. If you feel any discomfort or notice anyone with health problems, please seek medical attention at the medical tents.
  7. Attendees under the age of 18 or without a valid government-issued identification card will not be admitted to this event. (Please remember to bring your identification card for inspection, such as national ID card, driver license, health insurance card, or passport.)
  8. Please drink rationally at the event and remember not to drink and drive.
  9. In order to secure the safety of everyone at this event, there will be police officers patrolling at the venue.
  10. Any attendees with inappropriate behaviors (i.e. illegal activities or actions/behaviors that negatively affect others) will be asked to leave or will be expelled from the venue immediately without re-entry.
  11. Please do not purchase tickets from unknown/untrusted sources. If you are caught selling fake tickets you will be handed over to the authorities.
  12. Anyone who enters the venue inappropriately or holding a fake ticket will be charged double the amount of the regular ticket price.
  13. This event will take place whether rain or shine. If the event is cancelled due to natural disaster, please refer to Spunite fanpage for refund details and procedures.
  14. To ensure the safety of attendees and maintenance of traffic, please take public transportation and event shuttle buses to the venue.
  15. Any attendees without event wristband will be forced to leave the venue by the security.
  16. All ticket refunds must be applied at least 10 days prior to the event date. A 10% refund fee will be charged for the refund of any type of tickets. Please email refund@spunite.com for more details. Refunds for returned tickets will be processed by 6th September 2019.
  17. If you see any suspicious, dangerous or illegal activities or people with health problems, please notify the nearby staffs immediately.
  1. In accordance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations, balloons, drones, fireworks, and laser pointers are strictly prohibited at this event.
  2. Umbrellas or parasols (folding umbrellas are NOT allowed), selfie sticks, flagpoles, chairs, stools, knives, bats, sticks, glass or any objects that can be potentially used as a weapon.
  3. Any illegal products, drugs, inflammable substances, explosives, aerosol products, pressurized spray cans or unidentified items.
  4. Any cigarettes or cigarette boxes, cigars, lighters, matches, electronic cigarettes/vapes, or vape liquids/oils. (Designated smoking area at the venue will sell cigarettes and provide lighters.)
  5. Any kind of drinks and foods including betel nuts, gum, tea or coffee bag, candies, or chocolate. (If you have low blood sugar or anemia, please go to the nearest medical tent for sugar candies or remedies.)
  6. Any type of containers such as water bags, thermos bottles, crispers or ice buckets are NOT allowed.
  7. Professional cameras and recording devices (exceptions are generally granted by the organizer.) 
  8. Prescription medication will be subjected to approval by medical staff upon entry.
  9. Any type of foldable chairs, recliners or tents are not allowed, and will be confiscated and discarded when found.
  10. Water guns and squirt guns are not allowed. Water guns rental will be available at the venue.
  11. Any suitcases, bags over 18 inches or 45 centimeters should be left at baggage storage counter outside the venue.
  12. Any forbidden items were found at the event area will be confiscated and discarded. Confiscated items will not be returned to the owner.
  1. Non-aerosol insect repellant and sunscreen.
  2. Small mats or cushions, picnic mats and inflatable sofa can only be used at the lawn area.
  3. Banners/flags (please remember to be respectful to the national flag).
  4. Mobile power pack.
  5. Stabilizers for cellphone or Gopro under 30 centimeters are allowed. Any extendable (telescopic) or folding stabilizers are NOT allowed!
  6. Cosmetics (liquid cosmetics or perfumes over 100 ml are not allowed.)
  1. Your ticket.
  2. Valid government-issued identification card (with photo and date of birth) such as National ID Card, Driver License, Health Insurance Card, Passport or International Student ID.
  3. Cash or credit card.
  4. Happy mood.