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Super Early Bird & Early bird





   This event has an age restriction. You must be 18 years old or older to attend the event.

  • GA General Admission 

  • Young GA General Admission. Only available for those aged between 18 to 21, Entry must be made before 3:30 PM.

  • PGA : Entrance exclusive lane, dedicated restroom, priority parcel service, on-site rest area, standalone bar counter.

  • VIP : Exclusive viewing platform, entrance exclusive lane, dedicated restroom, priority parcel service, on-site rest area, exclusive bar counter.

2024 S2O TAIWAN  Ticket Purchase Instructions

 Instructions for purchasing tickets:

1. According to Article 9 of the "What should be recorded and what should not be recorded in the formal contract for art and cultural performance tickets" stipulated by the Ministry of Culture, the application and handling fees for refund and exchange of tickets, The execution unit follows "Option 1: Tickets cannot be refunded within 10 days before the performance, and the refund fee is capped at 10% of the face price."

2. If you purchase tickets within 10 days before the event and apply for a credit card dispute refund, 10% of the ticket value will be refunded, excluding the ticket collection fee. The organizer follows the refund regulations set by the Ministry of Culture. The non-refundable 90% of the amount is as follows: your ticket location will be retained, and the administrative processing and event will be held as scheduled without any changes.

3. Please do not purchase tickets from unauthorized ticket sales channels, websites or places from unknown sources to avoid damaging your rights and interests.

4. Please keep event tickets properly. If they are damaged, lost, or difficult to identify clearly, they will not be reissued and admission will not be possible.

5. Tickets are required for admission to this event. One person has one vote. An activity bracelet will be provided after ticket verification.

6. Youth tickets are only available to people aged 18-22. They must enter before 15:30. The certificate will be checked when entering. If you do not meet the age qualifications or exceed the entry time, the price difference will be charged as an on-site ticket.

   6-1 double-day ticket: 18 years old (born before July 13, 2006 (inclusive) ~ 22 years old (born after July 14, 2001 (inclusive).

   6-2 single-day ticket (7/13): 18 years old (born before July 13, 2006) ~ 22 years old (July 12, 2001).

   6-3 single-day ticket (7/14): 18 years old (born before July 14, 2006) ~ 22 years old (July 13, 2001).

7. If you want to change the date or ticket type after the order is confirmed, you must first take out the original ticket, apply for a refund, and purchase it again (please read the refund regulations on this page).

Rules for wristband:

1. Upon entry, corresponding wristbands will be provided for wearing throughout the event. Wristbands are used for identification within the venue. It is mandatory to wear the wristband at all times during the event. If someone is found not wearing the event wristband inside the venue, the organizer will charge according to the announced ticket price. 

2. Those with two-day tickets will receive a double-day wristband upon entry. Please keep the wristband after the first day's event and do not remove it. Upon entry on the second day, present the wristband again for verification. Wristbands with signs of tampering or damage will not grant entry and require repurchasing. 

3. Face recognition systems are installed at the entrance, and two-day tickets are only valid for the same person. 

4. Re-entry during the event period is not permitted. Wristbands will be cut off if leaving the venue midway. Re-entry requires repurchasing tickets.

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