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  • What is S2O?
    Follow the water and ride the wave of S2O as it tours Asia! The event will be organized by the Thai team, S2O Factory Company, and hosted by Rising Film. Local execution of the event will showcase Thai culture. This year, to provide the most immersive experience, we will introduce an exclusive 360-degree water dance system and bring together a stellar lineup of performances. Prepare yourself for an unprecedented sensory feast, where you can truly let go and unleash your inner self. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the ultimate water symphony of the summer with all of us!
  • When is S2O Taiwan?
    S2O Taiwan Songkran Music Festival will be held on July 13 and 14, 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Is there an age restriction for S2O Taiwan?
    Yes, this event prohibits entry for individuals below 18 years old. Please carry a government-issued identification document for verification (such as ID cards, health insurance cards, driver's licenses, or passports).
  • How to get to S2O Taiwan?
    S2O Taiwan will take place at Taipei Da Jia Riverside Park. The venue is located within Water Gate No. 10, and it is recommended to enter the riverside park from the side of "Lin An-Tai Old House." A. By MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): Get off at Xingtian Temple Station and take Exit 2. It's approximately a 15-minute walk from the station to the venue. B. By Bus: You can take Bus routes 72 and 222. Get off at Da Jia Elementary School bus stop and walk to the entrance.
  • How can I attend S2O Taiwan ?
    Early bird tickets on sale now! Get you tickets on Official ticketing platforms: Tickrtplus, Festground, *Please do not purchase tickets from unauthorized channels or websites to avoid compromising your own rights.
  • How to purchase Youth GA tickets?
    Youth GA tickets are only available to people aged 18-22. Must enter before 15:30. The certificate will be checked when entering. If you do not meet the age qualifications or exceed the entry time, the price difference will be charged as an on-site ticket. 1 double-day ticket: 18 years old (born before July 13, 2006 (inclusive) ~ 22 years old (born after July 14, 2001 (inclusive). 2 single-day ticket (7/13): 18 years old (born before July 13, 2006) ~ 22 years old (July 12, 2001). 3 single-day ticket (7/14): 18 years old (born before July 14, 2006) ~ 22 years old (July 13, 2001).
  • What services are included with the VIP ticket?
    The VIP tickets for S2O Taiwan 2023 include the following services: 1. Exclusive entrance 2. Exclusive restroom facilities 3. Exclusive storage area 4. Exclusive resting area 5. Exclusive bar 6. Dry Area (an area where you can stay dry)
  • What is the difference between GA and PGA tickets?
    GA tickets only include general admission to the event. PGA tickets provide additional access to a separate PGA entrance, dedicated restrooms, a designated storage area, exclusive resting areas, and a separate bar.
  • How can I book a VVIP booth?
    A. Please contact the official VVIP secretary of S2O through LINE by searching @S2OTAIWANVVIP. B. Please send a private message to the official Facebook fan page of S2O Taiwan at
  • Ticket refund information
    According to the regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Culture on the "Standardized Contract Terms and Prohibited Clauses for Cultural Performance Tickets," the sixth item regarding "Refund and Exchange Mechanism" outlines four provisions. The refund policy for this event adopts the following explanation under scheme one: Refunds for this event will be handled by the executing unit.  1. For refund requests made within the specified period, a processing fee of 10% of the ticket face value will be charged per ticket. Any related service fees, transfer fees, ticket retrieval fees, and postage fees are not included in the refundable amount. 2. Refunds are not permitted within 10 days prior to the performance, and the maximum processing fee for refund or exchange is 10% of the ticket face value. 3. However, if consumers purchase tickets before the deadline but receive them after the deadline or have not received them by the start of the performance, they are still eligible for a refund. No refund processing fee will be charged when the reason for refund or exchange is not attributable to the consumer. 4. Refund Process:The following information must be provided for refunds: 4-1. Ticket original copy (for tickets obtained via ibon kiosks, the tickets must be removed first). 4-2. Name, phone number, and address. 4-3. A photocopy of the bank account or digital account passbook.(including bank information, branch, account number, and account name). 4-4. Mail the above information via registered mail to Taylor Culture CO., LTD. at the following address: "Taylor Culture CO., LTD., Attn: 343 Changchun Rd., B1 A19, Songshan District, Taipei City 105, Taiwan." 4-5. Please note on the envelope: "2024 S2O TAIWAN Refund." Refund Deadline: From now until July 3, 2024 (Wednesday). ※ The refund deadline is based on the postmark date. Late submissions will not be processed. 4-6. Refund Processing Time: Refunds will be processed within 30 days after the event ends (if there are holidays, processing will be delayed by one business day).
  • 購票須知及注意事項
    Instructions for purchasing tickets 1. According to Article 9 of the "What should be recorded and what should not be recorded in the formal contract for art and cultural performance tickets" stipulated by the Ministry of Culture, the application and handling fees for refund and exchange of tickets, The execution unit follows "Option 1: Tickets cannot be refunded within 10 days before the performance, and the refund fee is capped at 10% of the face price." 2. For tickets purchased within 10 days before the event and not used, if the event is not canceled, postponed, or if there are no major performance changes, a refund request through a credit card dispute will result in a refund of 10% of the ticket price, excluding the ticketing service fee. The organizer adheres to the Ministry of Culture's refund policy. The non-refundable 90% covers the reservation of your ticket, administrative handling fees, and ensuring the event proceeds as scheduled without any changes. 3. Please do not purchase tickets from unauthorized ticket sales channels, websites or places from unknown sources to avoid damaging your rights and interests. 4. Please keep event tickets properly. If they are damaged, lost, or difficult to identify clearly, they will not be reissued and admission will not be possible. 5. Tickets are required for admission to this event. One person has one vote. An activity bracelet will be provided after ticket verification. 6. Youth tickets are only available to people aged 18-22. They must enter before 15:30. The certificate will be checked when entering. If you do not meet the age qualifications or exceed the entry time, the price difference will be charged as an on-site ticket.   6-1 double-day ticket: 18 years old (born before July 13, 2006 (inclusive) ~ 22 years old (born after July 14, 2001 (inclusive).   6-2 single-day ticket (7/13): 18 years old (born before July 13, 2006) ~ 22 years old (July 12, 2001).   6-3 single-day ticket (7/14): 18 years old (born before July 14, 2006) ~ 22 years old (July 13, 2001). 7. If you want to change the date or ticket type after the order is confirmed, you must first take out the original ticket, apply for a refund, and purchase it again (please read the refund regulations on this page). 8. Single-day GA love tickets can only be purchased on-site at the event, available for individuals with disabilities and their companions. For details, please see the notes. Notes 1. Participants must be at least 18 years old to attend this event. ID verification will be conducted upon entry. Please carry a government-issued identification document (national ID card, driver's license, passport), and only physical documents will be accepted for verification. 2. Please drink responsibly and adhere to the principle of "Don't drink and drive, don't drive after drinking" while at the event venue. If you consume alcohol, please use public transportation to leave the venue. 3. To ensure the safety of the event, there will be on-site police patrols. If you observe any suspicious, dangerous, or rule-violating behavior, or if you experience any discomfort, please immediately notify nearby staff or visit the medical station for assistance. 4. The organizer reserves the right to request the removal of individuals who violate rules or severely disturb others. Re-entry will be prohibited, and no refunds will be provided by the organizer. 5. To ensure smooth entry and exit traffic flow, it is recommended to use public transportation. Free shuttle services will be provided for the event. 6. For safety reasons, security and staff will inspect bags and conduct body searches upon entry. 7. When using a selfie stick, please be mindful of the safety of surrounding individuals and objects. If your actions cause inconvenience to others, the organizer reserves the right to confiscate the item without refund. 8. If you carry medical drugs, please clearly label them and bring proof of medication. On-site medical personnel will assess whether they can be brought into the venue. 9. The event stage will feature multiple laser lights and water features. For your safety, please be extra cautious and avoid direct eye contact with the lights. 10. Bags larger than 18 inches and any suitcases must be stored in the designated area outside the venue. 11. Pets (excluding service dogs) are not allowed at the event. 12. Any lost identification documents, health insurance cards, financial (credit) cards, or other items found at the venue will be transferred to the Songshan Police Station after the event. 13. In case of natural disasters or force majeure, the organizer reserves the right to make temporary adjustments or terminate the event and handle related refund matters in accordance with regulations. 14. In accordance with the standardized contract for cultural and arts performance tickets, if there are changes to the main performances or programs, consumers may request a full refund before the performance. Any changes to the program or performances will be promptly announced on the official website, along with reasons, and the refund process will be announced within seven days of the announcement (refunds will be completed within 90 days of refund application submission, with deferment to the next working day if it falls on a holiday). For refund inquiries or consumer disputes, please contact the organizer using the official contact information provided below.  ❚ Organizer: Taylor Culture CO., LTD.  ❚ Business Address: Room A19, B1, No. 343, Changchun Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 105, Taiwan  ❚ Contact Number: 02-2719-0886 ext. 119  ❚ Official LINE: @s2otaiwan  ❚ Responsible Person: Zhang Chenwei 15. Credit card purchases are accepted for this event. In case of event cancellation, postponement, or changes to major performances or artists, refunds can be requested from the original credit card issuer. 16. The organizer will record the event through photography and videography. By entering the event, all attendees agree to grant the organizer the rights to use these images and recordings for the event's on-site screens, electronic media, websites, and social media related to the event's promotion. 17. Single-day GA companion tickets and love tickets can only be purchased on-site at the event. Each ticket is offered at a half-price discount of NT$1800. 18. To purchase a love ticket, one must hold a valid "Republic of China Disability Certificate" that is still valid on the day of the event. The companion ticket can only be purchased if the disability certificate indicates the "necessary companion discount measure." Each disability certificate holder can purchase a maximum of one love ticket and one companion ticket per event (provided the certificate includes the necessary annotation). The original disability certificate must be presented upon entry, and the companion must enter the venue with the disabled person. If the entry requirements are not met or if the individual does not hold a valid disability certificate, entry may be denied, and no ticket refunds or exchanges will be issued. 19. The event adheres to the total capacity limits set by the performance venue. 20. Please read the event notes carefully before purchasing tickets. Once the ticket transaction is successful, it is deemed that you agree to all the above terms. 21. Please stay updated with the latest announcements on S2O TAIWAN's Facebook and Instagram.
  • Which items are allowed inside the event grounds?
    The following items are allowed: Insect repellent, sunscreen lotion (no high-pressure spray types allowed). Cushions, puzzle mats, picnic mats, inflatable sofas (only for use in grassy areas). National flags, banners (please handle with care). Power banks. Mobile phones or Gopro stabilizers (foldable or extendable types are not allowed). Cosmetics (liquid cosmetics and perfumes are limited to 100ml).
  • What are the essential items that must be brought to the event?
    For attending S2O Taiwan, please remember to bring the following items: Admission tickets. Valid identification documents issued by government agencies with a photo, such as ID cards, health insurance cards, driver's licenses, or passports. Cash or credit cards. Prepare yourself with a joyful and ready-to-get-wet mindset.
  • Which items will be prohibited from entering the event?
    In order to maintain on-site safety, security personnel and staff will inspect bags and conduct body searches upon entry. Various types of umbrellas, flagpoles, stools, chairs, recliners, folding chairs, tents, knives, sticks, glass bottles, and any other items with offensive capabilities. Any illegal items, drugs, flammable substances, explosives, high-pressure spray cans, and unidentified items. All cigarettes (opened/unopened), cigars, matches, lighters, electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, and e-liquids (smoking areas and tobacco sales will be available on-site). Any beverages or food items (including alcoholic beverages, betel nuts, chewing gum, tea bags, candies, or chocolates). Any containers (water bags, thermos bottles, lunch boxes, ice buckets, etc.). Large professional photography equipment (except with prior approval from the organizers). The organizers reserve the right to make the final interpretation, and the discovery of prohibited items will be considered as voluntary forfeiture. In accordance with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration, the venue prohibits the carrying of fireworks, balloons, drones, and laser pointers. Violators will be fined according to the law by the Civil Aviation Administration.
  • Will there be a bag deposit area at the venue?
    Yes, we will have bag deposit areas both outside and inside the event venue. The fee for deposit is $100 per item. Any suitcases, bags larger than 18 inches or 45 centimeters must be deposited at the outside deposit area.
  • On-site Event Guidelines
    Event Guidelines Please keep your tickets safe. Lost or damaged tickets will not be replaced. Two-day tickets are strictly for single-person use and cannot be separated or resold. (The wristband should not be removed after the first day and should be used on the second day as well). Re-entry is not permitted for this event. Entry is prohibited for individuals under 18 years old. Identification is required for entry. Entry will be denied without proper identification. This event will proceed rain or shine. For the latest updates, please visit the official S2O Taiwan Facebook page.
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